A few words

Hello people!

My name is Lisa and i’m a psychology student in the Netherlands. In this blog I want to talk about books and literature. I read both in English and in Greek (mainly in English though) and my favourite genre is epic fantasy and high fantasy. Lately, I have also turned towards YA and contemporary fiction as well.

In this blog I want to include:

  • Reviews about books that I read
  • Suggestions about books that I enjoyed
  • Book hauls
  • Discussions
  • and other things

You can also visit my goodreads profile and add me!

Another thing that I am passionate about is dogs. If you click here you can go to my second blog where I talk about dog behaviour, dog training and many other related topics.

One last thing! I am a Book Depository affiliate, so if you are looking to buy a book, you can go through this link  and I’ll get a commission.

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  1. Look forward to seeing what you have to say.


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