Me and Earl and the dying girl by Jesse Andrews (Review)

Two days ago I finished reading “Me and Earl and the dying girl” by Jesse Andrews and decided to start with a review. My lovely assistant, Ziggy, helped me with the visual aspect of this post.

Brief synopsis:

This book is written by Greg (who is the “me”part of the title) who is a high school student. He talks about his life at school and how he is managing to survive it, until one day his mother makes him go and be friends with this girl Rachel who recently got diagnosed with cancer.

At this point, a lot of people are going to immediately think of “The fault in our stars”. Well, this book is not a love story but it’s still about a boy and a girl and another boy and cancer, so pretty close!

I gave this book 3 stars on goodreads because I had a good time reading it.

This book was seriously hyped and so my expectations were quite high and most of the times that’s not a good thing. Also the beautiful, playful cover didn’t help much, it only made me even more excited to devour it. expectations only managed to disappoint me. Okay, all this sounds pretty harsh because things are not actually that bad.

I did like “Me and Earl and the dying girl”. It was funny at times and I appreciated the honesty with which the author deals with the life of a teenager. Greg talks to the reader in a very sincere manner, he shares his thoughts exactly as they come to his head even though he doesn’t quite understand how he feels about the whole situation he is in. Still, I would have liked to see more of Earl and Rachel and get to know them better. It was more of a story about Greg than him and Earl and the dying girl.

Overall, it’s a quick and fun read and it’s also recently made into a movie. You can watch the trailer here! I would recommended it if you are looking for something light and fun.

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  1. Totally get you. Whenever a book is hyped up too much, my expectations always shoot up unrealistically high, which I agree isn’t a good thing.

    I find it really interesting how people really differ on what the book is really about. I just read another review that said Earl is the most developed out of the three titular characters, and it’s interesting that you think Greg is the main focus. I think I’d have to agree with you, though–the whole book is basically his monologue, haha.

    PS: Also, cute dog!


    1. mensrea3 says:

      Thanks! Yeah, even if you try to avoid it, you will always get affected by the hype. I thought that Earl was a very interesting character since he obviously went (and is going) through a lot and I wanted to have seen more of him in the book.


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