Reading Challenge 2016

In 2016 I am challenging myself to read 87 books! It sounds quite a lot to me, especially since my 2015 Challenge was 50 books, but it’s always good to push yourself past your previous goals into new ones.

I have also set some mini-challenges for myself this year too, since I think it makes it easier and more fun when you don’t really know what kind of story you want to get into. So here are my mini-goals for 2016:

  • Read 3 classics:
  • Read 6 graphic novels:
  • Read 4 Historical Fiction novels
  • Read 17 Fantasy novels
  • Read 27 Young Adult Fiction novels
  • Read 11 Adult Fiction novels
  • Read 8 Science Fiction novels
  • Read 4 Mystery or Thriller novels
  • Read 3 Horror novels
  • Read 4 LGBTQ+ themed novels


So this is my goal for 2016, and may we all have a very bookish year!

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    Αυτά είναι 87 βιβλία, δηλαδή πάνω από 1,5 βιβλίο την εβδομάδα. Πρέπει να εκπαιδευτείς στην τεχνική γρήγορου διαβάσματος…


    1. mensrea3 says:

      Πρεπει! Οχι αλλα πολλα απο αυτα τα βιβλια ειναι λιγοτερο απο 250 σελιδες, μερικα ειναι μονο 100 και μερικα ειναι κομιξ οποτε..


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