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One of the things that I like most about reading books is that I get to share my thoughts and discuss about them afterwards. That’s why I write reviews for most, if not all, of the books that I read.

After working on this blog for almost two years I have come to some conclusions about myself as a book reviewer and reader. While I always wished to be able to read at least 100 books per year and accept every review request that comes my way, I have finally accepted that it is simply not possible. I have received multiple review requests for independent and self-published titles which I was excited to read. But as months went by and review requests became more frequent and, unfortunately, most of the e-mails I received gave me the clear impression that authors did not even bother to learn how to address me properly in the e-mail let alone ask if the could send an electronic copy of their novel, I became disappointed at the amount of terrible books in desperate need of an editor came to my e-mail unsolicited.

That is not to say that there are no wonderful gems out there that have not been discovered yet by publishers, and I can truly understand how much independent authors need reviewers for their works as my father and one of my friends are indie authors and I can see their frustrations and discouragement regarding having their novel published. But, after turning down way too many authors and, eventually, seizing to reply on e-mails and feeling bad every time I don’t, I have sadly decided to not accept any more independent / self published titles for review.

One more thing I have accepted for myself as a reader is that – and I admit this with a heavy heart – I do not enjoy reading book in electronic form. In fact, I dislike it so much that when I do read on my kindle, usually if not solely for reviewing purposes, I end up not enjoying the actual book. A novel that I could have easily enjoyed and, consequently, praised with a review, will end up with a mediocre criticism it does not deserve. Seeing as publishers prefer, for obvious and understandable reasons, to send review copies electronically nowadays, and considering the fact that I live in the Netherlands and not in the U.S. or U. K. I have stopped requesting books for review from publishers and instead opt to purchase the books I want to read by myself. If a publisher (not an independent publisher) would like to contact me for a review, please send me an e-mail:

Please keep in mind I do not accept e-books for review.

I am always striving to better my reviews and to write entertaining critiques by reading reviews from professionals on journals that I find online.

My book reviews:

  • are always honest. This means that I’m not reluctant to give a “negative” review but I am always polite, respectful and give constructive feedback.
  • start with a small summary of the book. I think that it’s a great way to begin a review and let the reader know what I got – as a reader – from the book and how I would sum up the plot in a few words (no spoilers of course!)
  • include a few quotes. I like to include a few quotes (4 or 5) to give the readers a small “sample” of the author’s writing style.
  • include pictures that I take of the books. When I have physical copies available for reviews I like to take some nice pictures of them and include them in the review so the readers get a visual idea of how the book looks like on the outside along with the inside.

List of genres that I like to review:

  • Adult Fiction
  • Mystery/Thriller
  • Historical Fiction
  • Fantasy
  • Science-Fiction
  • Horror
  • Graphic Novels/ Comics
  • Middle Grade/ Children’s

I am also open to read and review books from other genres.

To contact me about a review request please send me an e-mail:


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